Ballistic over Prolistic!

Nasty Dry Cracked Painful Skin

I am a busy mumma of 4 under 6 plus a fur baby, I don’t think I need to mention how often I am on my feet daily, but to throw in the mix, we are also at this moment moving house! To get to the point very quickly about this blog, I don’t like wearing shoes, leaving my feet extremely extreme to what ‘normal’ feet should appear. My family (who also don’t wear shoes LOL) and friends all know that I am a lover of planting my bare feet on the ground, no matter the weather. Of course my feet are not going to be in their best condition, especially during Winter!

Time to intervene

A gorgeous friend, Kacee, introduced me to a product, yep, ‘another cream praising its amazingness’ I thought! The before and after pics looked great but I thought there was nothing out there that would sooth or bend my feet, they are that bad! I also assumed that because I will still embrace the earth with my toes, I shouldn’t bother trying to heal my cracked, dry and hard skin…. until, (gross TMI here) it become painful to walk and were bleeding (Sorry)! So I decided to give her product Prolistic a ‘crack’, pun intended πŸ˜‰

I’m impressed

As mentioned, I am very busy, I don’t have much spare time OR do I actually remember to do things. When using a product to heal, I know you should be consistent with applications, I am very naughty and sadly have to admit (I hope she doesn’t read this) I have only applied this 5 times in 33 days. BUT in saying that, in those 5 times I have seen such AMAZING results. I wish I had more time, commitment and self love to actually do it more regularly, the results I’m sure would be even better, if possible! My dad who has also suffered years of cracked heals (again no shoes LOL) has been applying and using this, (more frequently them myself, I guess he has way more time and free clear mind LOL) and he has said; out of all the products he has used over many years, he is finding this to work the quickest and feels the best on his skin!

My Product Review In a nut shell

Did I think it would work – Nope (not on the severity of my pain, dryness and lack of concern to protecting my feet).

Did it work – Yep

Will I continue using it – Yep

Will I wear shoes more often – Nope, I have Prolistic now hahahaha!

I don’t often recommend products too eagerly, but I do this. So if you just want to try for yourself, get in touch with Kacee here. xxx