Best family dogs

🐶 Groodle, Moodle, Spoodle, Schnoodle, Bernedoodle, Sheepadoodle, Labradoodle and my favorite, Goldendoodle, believe it or not are all real dog cross breeds! 😂

🐶 Dogs can be amazing family pets, they require a lot of love and attention and quickly become a part of the family and come with a great deal of responsibility. They need constant and close supervision when around young ones. If they are feeling uncomfortable, provoked or threatened, dogs, like us, can unleash anger and frustration, however as a K-9 their attacks are through biting which can leave babies and children with minor or major injuries or worse. It is important to take the time to choose a dog breed that would be best suited to your living.

🐶 Our MM community has this question often….  “what is the best family dog?”


1. Cavoodle                         2. King Charles spaniel
3. Labrador                         4. Dachshunds
5. Cocker spaniel                6. Pomeranian
7. Pug                                  8. Golden retriever
9. Schnauzer                       10. Greyhound
11. Bulldog                         12. Bichon Frise
13. Jack Russel                   14. Maltese
15. Chihuahua                    16. Shih tzu

🐶 In a nutshell – anything with an “oodle” sounds like a winner! Good luck with your research.