Facebook Group Community Conditions

Mad Mums/Dads!

Thank you for being a member of our Mummy Madness – Calm the Chaos (MM) community.

We have 5, yes ONLY 5 easy conditions to help the group run smoothly and the best practice to keep a large 40k+ members happy.

We are here to support, encourage and uplift each other through the Madness of Motherhood…. and Fatherhood for those few dads in the group too! Our community is available for those that are looking for help and willing to help others. No one should do this parent gig alone, we are all in this together. Treat your fellow members how you would like to be treated and express yourself as you would in person.


1. Be supportive, kind and non-judgemental.

Please be thoughtful and compassionate when preparing and delivering your advice. We welcome, and are blessed to receive experiences that differ as we are a large diverse community, just be mindful of how you execute your response, as in the written world, tone can be misjudged.

2. Post must be questions in need of help and assistance.

Please only post a question in need of assistance that will help you in your life. Consider the importance of your question and if it may be better suited to a smaller group or your own page. Remember we are a large community and experience a lot of questions therefor you may need to use the search function to find your post. Feel free to bump your question anytime. You may wish to search your question before posting as there is a likelihood it has been asked before. Some repeated questions tend to become overlooked especially given the frequency of questions. We do not accept rants/vents, shares, blogs, articles, voting, competitions, giveaways, games, for fun, sale, business, recommendations, market research, defamatory, slander, offensive language, unsupportive, retaliation. Please do not create a group story or files or events. We are Q&A only and if you have something you would like to share to our community please send it to our Mummy Madness Page.

3. Please include a heading/title

Please add a heading/title that outlines the topic of your question. This will gain the attention of members that can relate, read and respond. It also helps when browsing and identifies posts when searching. 

4. Answer the direct question.

Please be mindful of the actual question being asked and only comment in direct response to the original posters (OP) question. Members advise and opinions should not be challenged or retaliated to in a negative way for any reason. 

5. Ignore any material that is offensive or unsupportive.

Please report negative content to admin. Please allow only admin to address and issue appropriate action. By getting yourself involved, for example retaliating to a rude comment, you too may then become a target which only fuels the fire and you may be removed from the group also. Don’t bully a bully, ignore and let admin remove them. In most cases this is the attention that these members are seeking. If you find a comment or post material offensive, please contact admin. Retaliating to rude comments draw unwanted attention and more exposure to the thread, alerts members through notifications, and keeps the post at the top whilst escalating dispute. We have zero tolerance for negative unsupportive comments from members. Helpful advice only and only when being asked. Please report to admin via selecting the drop down icon on the post and clicking “report to admin” as shown below. Or you can send a message to the Mummy Madness Page.



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MEDICAL – We DO allow medical related questions, but also request you seek professional assistance if you haven’t already done so. Sometimes in these strenuous situations, people may just need some reassurance to contact a medical professional. A moment of self doubt, confusion or clouded thoughts on what to do next should be welcomed. Please don’t make comments which belittles the member, such as “why are you asking here, see a doctor” or “get off Facebook and to emergency”. There are better ways of delivering the same statement in a kind manner. We feel it is best that someone seeks advise and be given a gentle comment to seek professional help vs them not doing anything at all, and feel that their medical issue isn’t worth professional attention. By allowing these posts, we can nicely advise them to visit a professional. Admin and members are not medical professionals and advice given should not be taken as diagnosis or treatment. Please seek professional help by visiting or calling your health care practitioner, or you may wish to call health direct on 1800 022 222 or visit our Help Line Page for more options.

GENERAL – All posts must remain in the group. No screen shots and sharing (unless reporting to admin). Please do not contact or ask members to be added as friends, or for networking/business or if you are a journalist or blogger for any stories. Please consider the use of photos, for privacy and sensitivity to viewing members, some photos maybe best suited in the comment section and be aware of Facebook rules regarding nudity. Although we are a closed community group and admin screen members, it is the internet and we can not guarantee who are behind the screens and doing what with the content. Don’t post anything you do not want your partner, family, friends, neighbour, boss, employees, stranger walking past you in the street to see or know.

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Enjoy your new MM sanctuary and let’s share the Madness of Motherhood (and fatherhood) in the Mad House together!

Much gratitude and kindness

Mummy Madness – Calm the Chaos Admin xxx