FREE tampons in schools, why I don’t like the idea.

Two councils are promising to have free tampons and pads in Victoria’s schools, what do you think of this? I have seen this request in previous years with no outcome. You too are properly thinking, ‘yeah why not, it’s a great idea’, and while I love that we are addressing and having the topic of a period a more comfortable situation, I have a concern, and it’s not the huge amount of money they are discussing on spending to action this. As I heard this on the news just now, I thought it was a good time to quickly do a blog about tampons and pads.

I would never wear a tampon again!

Back a little, in my early years of menstruation I used tampons and pads. I was a dancer and did lessons or taught classes daily and I clearly wasn’t going to wear a big bulky pad under my tight leotard to look like I had a rather large or swollen vag, or kick my leg up high and flash the bright white wings through my stockings to the class. So like most, if not all the girls, I wore tampons. Although I thought tampons were better and cooler than pads (which I sometimes wore to bed), there were also a few times in public (dancing, tennis or at the beach) I would see the string creeping out into sight, eeekkkk, rush off to the loo to fix, what a huge public embarrassment! Many of times our friends would also talk about the troubles of tampons. It was never an enjoyable time. All that aside, now knowing what I do, there is no chance I would ever wear a tampon again and I haven’t in many years and here are some reasons why –

The cost.

It’s estimated a woman will use over 11,000 tampons in her life period (haha pun intended), that’s a lot of cash!

The material.

Do you know what they are made from and with? They are made from cotton, rayon and other fibers. They can have absorption agents, disinfection byproducts, chlorine bleaching, traces of dioxins, polyethylene, polypropylene and fragrance. Plus pesticides from cotton which are generally genetically modified. Pull apart a tampon and check it out!

The environment.

I know a lot of people don’t really care about the impact their small involvement will have on the environment but I will mention this anyway for those that are interested. Most people know plastic can be terrible. Plastic applicators can contain phthalates – a know nasty for many reasons. Also the packets are wrapped in plastic and each individual tampon and pad are again, wrapped in plastic. These and the product itself can take many hundreds of years to decompose.

Your insides!

Your vaginal tissue is so delicate and your skin is your largest and most absorbent organ. I’m sure I am not the only one that has experienced trying to pull a dry tampons out and just knowing it isn’t right! Not to mention those chemicals go straight into your blood stream.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

I’m sure we have all heard of this. TSS is caused by a bacteria that has breed and entered the blood stream from an overused (too long) tampon. It can be damaging to health and fatal.


Although we don’t know what brand/company will be on offer, I would love, and have my fingers crossed that the government are considering to provide 100% organic cotton free from all nasties, but given that generally organic products are a tad more expensive, I just don’t feel this will be the case.


What do I now use?

I personally use a menstrual cup and cloth pads. I am not saying that these are what I think should be supplied, (although an option would be great and money saving for the gov. IF a young girl would prefer this), I am only writing this to express my personal option, like not using Johnson & Johnson products when they are supplied to babies and parents in hospital when they are born 😉  I am just a passionate advocate for good health, saving money and sharing ideas…. so maybe one person reading this may take a look at organic cotton next time shopping for tampons and pads 😉


If you want to make a switch to a menstrual cup or cloth pads, flick me a PM here to our Mummy Madness Facebook Page and I will see if we can sort out a group MM discount xxx