This book is ridiculous!


“The Rabbit Who Wants

To Fall Asleep”

Most parents of young ones are sleep deprived and willing to try anything to combat the bedtime struggles and get some “me” time at the end of a long day. When I heard about this book through members on Mummy Madness Q&A, I was really interested in reading it as I wondered if it could be similar to a relaxation technique we already use. Some might call it meditation, hypnosis, mind conditioning, relaxation aid etc. Have you ever thought ‘could it really work on my sleep opposed, hyperactive energetic child?’ or ‘would it help our 2hr constant bed time challenges’? then read on…

We personal don’t have any day or night time routine and pending on our daily activities, day sleep, dinner time and how long they resist shut eye, our kids bedtime can be anywhere from 7pm to 9pm…. and maybe sometimes 10pm! I bought “The Rabbit Who Wants To Sleep” and was so excited for bedtime! We were going to start a bed time routine and read this book at 7pm each night for 5 nights.

About the book

Roger the Rabbit can’t fall asleep so they set out to visit Uncle Yawn, a magical wizard to help. Along the way they meet Sleepy Snail and Heavy-Eyed Owl and you’ve probably guessed, he gets to sleep (so I’m told).

Our 5 night trial

Night One

Our son, (4years old) after the first page and in between “but why” questions he said, “Wow Mumma, that last sentence made me really sleepy”, after reading the next sentence he said “This book is going to put me to sleep”. Continuing on he said, “Geeze, all these sentences are making me sleepy too, what a great book, what happens in the end?” He never found out as he was asleep by the end of ….. can you believe it…. page 2 (of a 10 page book)!

Our daughter (2years old) loves books also and was interested in a new book. She enjoyed the pictures and quietly fell asleep on page 3. Although it recommends you read the story from beginning to end even if the child falls asleep, I was far too excited that this had worked quicker then I expected and rushed out of their room for that ‘me’ time…. and to finish my cold dinner and maybe a beer to celebrate! Would we have the same result tomorrow and the following days I wondered.

Night Two

No questions from our son tonight and asleep by page 3. Our daughter was restless, legs banging on the wall, arms being thrown over my face, wanting to wee, wanting a drink…. she was soon dreaming about Heavy-Eyed Owl from page 4. Yeeeeessss another success! Again didn’t finish reading the rest, I really struggle to keep myself awake to read it.

Night Three

Daddy’s turn to read tonight. He exits their room sometime later saying “last word”! Our son asleep again early at page 3 and strong willed daughter, daddy said she was fighting her eye lids from shutting but feel asleep on the last word! Phew, lucky one daddy! We giggled together at the genius of this book and placed it high on a shelf for safe keeping for tomorrow night and admired it.

Night Four

I got the book down from the shelf and our daughter says “no no no no, not that book, I don’t want to go to sleep”.  My son asks “I keep falling asleep, what happens in the end?” All I could reply is that I didn’t know because I haven’t read it and we will find out one day but I’m sure Roger gets to sleep just like you. Our daughter distracted herself as much as possible to not listen. Our son reached a record tonight and slept at page 4 while our daughter was still bouncing off the walls (she had a very late day sleep), I too dropped off to sleep at page 5….. no idea where what or when she went to sleep.

Night Five

I didn’t want to read the book as I had loads of work to do and I knew I would fall asleep also. The kids were both out at page 4 and I again on 5. I would love to meet Uncle Yawn but we haven’t made it that far yet……. one day maybe.


I can’t believe this book, it was just as I thought. I do recommend getting a copy. We enjoyed the pictures, the use of adding in your child’s name to make it more personal, the instructions on how to read, emphasising certain words, italic words slower, the [yawn] cues. It does replicate what we currently do but in a more children’s related manner. We do love the book for a quick easy sleep and the similarity to our breathing techniques, meditation and our other technique we call “Minds Eye”, but we wont be reading it too frequently. Mix it up with regular books, story telling, normal chit chat and allowing them to develop their own preferred sleeping aid. I’ll write again soon about our “Minds Eye” and how as a child that became my (dependant) sleeping tool!


  • “I used it for the first time today at nap time, she fell asleep in minutes WITHOUT ANY BOOBIE. I love this book”.
  • “My husband reads it to our 2.5 yo every night, she loves it. Only a few times has she fallen asleep before the end but it makes her calm enough to lay still and go to sleep on her own”.
  • “We bought it. Doesn’t work! We just can’t get our 2.5yo to relax and listen to the words so it had no affect on her! I prayed and wished it would but nope! Still back to the same old 2hrs to fall asleep every night”.
  • “I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it has worked wonders for my 2.5yr old! I also bought the audio book so I can play it for her while I deal with my 8 month old”.
  • “We bought the audio version and have played it to our 17 month old daughter about 6 times and it hasn’t worked. She might be too young to concentrate on the story for 25mins as she kept finding ways to keep herself awake when she was clearly tired. However, it did make my husband and I very tired and ready for bed so i think it does have the potential to work. Good luck I know how hard it is when you have a child that ALWAYS fights sleeps”.
  • “It works just played the audio version to my nearly 4 year old at nap time she was asleep in five mins when she told me she wasn’t tired”.