Ever thought OMG, WTF does that mean, when you have read some word abbreviations? Yep, me too! Lucky we have a list of commonly used abbreviations to help crack the sentence and pretend you knew all along! But first have a go at reading this….

“Hi, LOL tis is long. I went off my BC n BF n I we wer TTC. We did OT’s n when I O we DTD heaps. I POAS n tested my DPO, BBT n CM n followd an OPK. My AF was late, so I took a HPT n IMO I was PG, but BFN 4over 1yr, thot we might do IVF but finally, OMG a BFP yay! EDD was 5th Jan. Got engaged so my DP bcame DF. We got an U/S done n FTR I thought it was a DD but it was a DS. L&D was easy, just like a havin a BM. HA. JJ. LMAO. Had a c-sec, IMHO wasn’t 2bad but want2 try VBAC next. I’m now a FTM and on ML but might b a SAHM or OH mayb a SAHD. I might put LO in2 DC or CC. IRL Mhood is so hard. We do miss BC life but its a fun diff. I was EBF but don’t think I hav much BM so I’m also BF n FF but hope2 EBF 2. FYI, check out MCN n AP. We got married, YOLO. I can now call DH kids my DSS n DSD now I’m his DW. DS is growing quick n will hav 2 look in2 FF from RF n BLW.  BTW, BIL SIL MIL FIL are visiting. FML is so busy but FWIW its great. How ru? Luv ya”.


AF – aunt flow (aka menstrual period)

AP – attachment parenting

BBT – basal body temperature

BC – birth control or before children

BF – breastfeeding or boyfriend

BFN – big fat negative

BFP – big fat positive

BIL – brother in law

BLW – baby lead weaning

BM – breast milk or bowel movement

BTW – by the way

BUMP – bring up my post

CSec- cesarean section

CC – controlled crying or childcare

CIO – cry it out

Circ. – circumcise

CM – cervical mucus

DC – day care

DD – darling daughter

DF – darling fiancée

DH – darling husband (or dickhead)

DP – darling partner

DPO – days past ovulation

DS – darling son

DSD – darling step daughter

DSS – darling step son

DTD – do the deed or doing the dirty

DW – darling wife

EBF – exclusively breastfeeding or extended breastfeeding

EBM – expressed breast milk

EDD – estimated due date or expected date of delivery

F – following

FF – formula feeding or forward facing

FIL – father in law

FML – f*** my life

FT – full time

FTM – first time mum

FTR – for the record

FWIW – for what it’s worth

FYI – for your information

HPT – home pregnancy test

HTH – hope this helps

IMHO – in my honest opinion (J*IMHO *just)

IMO – in my opinion

IRL – in real life

IVF – in vitro fertilisation

JJ – just joking

L&D – labour and delivery

LMAO – laughing my arse off

LO – loved one (aka little one)

LOL – laugh out loud

LOOP – listed on other pages

MC – miscarriage

MCN – modern cloth nappies

MIL – mother in law

ML – maternity leave

MM – mother’s milk

MP – monthly period

NBR – not baby related

NP – no problem

O – ovulated

OH – other half

OMG – oh my gosh or oh my god

ONO – or nearest offer

OP – original poster

OPK – ovulation predictor kit

OT – ovulation test or off topic

PG – pregnant

PND – post natal depression

POAS – pee on a stick (aka pregnancy test)

POS – parent over shoulder

PPD – postpartum depression

PT – part time or pregnancy test

RF – rear facing

ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing

SAHD – stay at home dad

SAHM – stay at home mum

SAHP – stay at home parent

SIL – sister in law

SMH – shaking my head

SO – significant other

TBH – to be honest

TGIF – thank goodness its Friday

TIA – thank you in advance

TMI – too much information

TTC – trying to conceive

U/S – ultrasound

VBAC – vaginal birth after caesarean section

WAH – work at home

WFM – work from home

WTF – why the face or what the f***

YOLO – you only live once

Have you got any more to add?

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