We all need these to pee in peace

Aren’t these mad!

I need one for my home! I found these baby wall seats on the back of a female bathroom door. You may have seen the cute little Koala logo on a pull down change table in a public bathroom but I was very impressed when I recently stumbled across a protection seat in a toilet cubicle! You can pee in peace! No more struggles of trying to go with one hand. Genius idea Koala Bear!





Photo Credit: Ness Mitchell with gorgeous girl Harlow


Photo Credit: Kat with little man Vallee


Koala Care offer a number of helpful parent aids including this seat. From the Koala Bear website – Koala’s child protection seat allows parents to comfortably secure a child while tending to siblings and other matters in restrooms and fitting rooms.

Keep an eye out for the Koala Bear Care Sticker indicating there is a seat available inside cubicle. Would love to see more of these around! If you find and use one send us a pic! admin@mummymadness.com.au