Do you know what you are buying?

Our country is in crisis!?

Now, more than ever, we need to be conscious of the decisions we make when buying our groceries and products. ?
Please make yourself aware of who you are supporting when you put items in your trolleys.
There are labels on each product that lets you know where it comes from or the % of the product that is Australian.??

After and during such a scary time for us all, and the damage australia has suffered, we need to support each other. We NEED to support local, we need to buy our farmers products! We need to keep our farmers and producers jobs and lively hoods alive. We must be aware of our future and childrens futures and all do our part to help one another.?

So many farms and producers are living a nightmare through drought, fire, floods and financial strain.

But we can help them.
We can be smart shoppers and read the labels. We can opt to pay a little more for a product if it means keeping dinner on other families tables and their dreams alive. But most times, Asutralian products are actually cheaper!

Choose to buy local produce.

Head to farmers markets.? Local butchers?. Often they are cheaper anyway and the product is wayyy better.
For example, coles sausages are $16kg, local butcher selling grass fed hormone free, gluten free sausages for $14kg. Coles rump $29kg, local amazing beef rump $24kg, coles mince $16kg, local mince $14kg… You get the picture.

Donating money during a crisis is wonderful. But making lifestyle choices that will help and create a lasting effect is what will make the most difference.

Looking at the labels as you shop will blow your minds at just how ridiculous the whole system actually is. A product could be grown is Thailand, packaged in China and then sold in Australia!!

This needs to stop.

There is a Facebook page called ‘Buy Australian Made‘ and it is amazing.

We are doing our bit. And if we could all try our best and show others to do the same, imagine the impact we could all have on our beautiful country. ????

Let’s all be a part of the change.xx

So we are Ken, Celine, Mason, Asher & Korie. We come from Northern NSW and currently live near Margaret River WA. We have just spent 7 months travelling Australia where we have now stopped because it was not working for Mason, therefore not working for any of us. But it was a huge growing time for us all, and has made us even more sure of who we are and our thoughts and beliefs. It is a tough world. Yet there is still so much beautyJust Being us – Two + Three