Lemon Foot Bath

Foot Baths are quick, easy and so good for our body and mind! They are great for the whole family….. as long as you have a child that can sit for 10 mins. We started doing Lemon Foot Baths for the kids when they were around age 5 years old. I’ve yet to attempt with our 4 yr old, maybe this weekend!

Why do them?

Any foot bath allows us time to sit and rest, not only that, they create a calming and relaxing feeling, help circulation, clean and refresh the feet leaving them so incredibly soft and you feeling amazing also! They are especially great for children and adults that experience anxious feelings, needing some down, chill time or showing first signs of illness.

When to have one?

ANYTIME! We do lemon foot baths approx. 2-4 times a month, however I would love to start popping this into our families weekend routine! I love to give them to the kids and myself when I notice unsettled or over-situated behaviours or getting the sniffles. It’s a nice calming activity to stop them from bouncing off the walls and become grounded.

What you will need. *optional

10 mins for a child – 20-30mins for an adult (or 15 mins at least if your time poor)

Tub – big enough for feet to fit comfortably, small enough to carry filled with water (it will be heavy)

A Lemon


2 towels


*Water jug


*Heat pack/hot water bottle


What to do.

  1. Place a chair in a quiet room, away from noise, all distractions (books, talking, music, phone tv etc.) with natural or no lighting.
  2. Put a towel down at the feet of the chair and your tub on top. The towel will capture any overflow or spills – especially for kids first time as they may like to splash their feet about.
  3. Fill the tub with warm-hot water either at a sink/bath OR fill a jug and pour water into tub at location – this can prevent any spillage when carrying through the house!
  4. Take your lemon & knife, while holding the lemon UNDER the water, carefully scrape the lemon skin/peel with your knife, then pierce/stab the skin all over with small shallow cuts – these actions will release the lemon oil.
  5. Cut the lemon in quarters or less and squeeze out the juice.
  6. You can either discard the lemon pieces or leave them in the tub.
  7. Make sure the water is as warm as possible as it will go cold quickly.
  8. Take the persons feet and place them into the tub (or your own) and make sure they are comfortable and warm. Place a blanket or jumper around them or even a hot water bottle or heat pack on their lap for extra warmth and comfort.
  9. Rest, relax and just ‘be’ – no reading, talking, music, phone or tv etc.
  10. After 5-10mins, check with person about the water temperature and top up with warm/hot water if needed.
  11. When finished, remove the persons feet (best if they are still relaxed and do little movement themselves) and dry with the other towel with soft smooth massage like movements.
  12. Pop on some socks to keep in the warmth.
  13. Discard water over plants – reduce reuse recycle 😉

We love this plain lemon foot bath but also use additional combos, including Epsom Salts and Essential Oils. For calming and anxious feelings, we love Lavender, Frankincense and doterra restful blend ‘Lavender Peace’ and gorgeous flower scents such as Rose. When we have the sniffles, we love adding Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Have you tried a foot bath? What is your fav?

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