Pea up the nose?

How to Avoid a Trip to Hospital – Remove a Stuck Pea in One Easy Step

Yes it is very likely to happen!

Other than fingers, kids like to put all sorts of things up their nose! Pea, corn, bead, lego, I’m sure the list could go on.

When our first born was only around 1 year old, we got to experience this. I,  as a terrible mother, left the youngster unattended for just a moment while he was eating dinner which included peas and corn. When I returned I noticed a change in behavior. He was rubbing his nose and pointing to his nostril and I could tell something wasn’t right.

He was too young to talk or blow his nose but he was very understanding and cooperative. I lay him down on the change table and got the torch. Yep a shiny, slippery green pea in sight – not too far up at all. I could almost reach with my nails but I didn’t want to risk pulling it apart. I got some tweezers (which is probably NOT recommended, again terrible mum) and pulled it out. He laughed!

It came out whole but I just wanted to check to make sure I had gotten everything! Oh I now see something yellow. A piece of corn, fantastic! A little higher up but still in what I thought was safe distance to reach. He twitched from the tickle and laughed again as it came out. I take another peep…. ANOTHER pea! Your joking! It had better be the last one. That’s impressive though, in a few moments he managed to shove a pea, corn and another pea up his nose!

This one however is a little too high for comfort and I am certainly not going to put anything up there to drive this pea further up or have bub move his head and I do any damage.

Off to The Doctor

A quick visit to the late night medical center. The Dr. asked me to hold his head in a head lock and his head down on the bed, and told him and I not to move in the slightest while he shone a massive surgical light on his face and came at him with extra large sharp tweezers. Of course he started screaming! Ummmm no, this is not going to work, but thank you anyway.

The Dr. suggested I visit the hospital and I agreed happily.

Hospital, Here We Come

As we were escorted to the children’s waiting area in the emergency department there was another mum and son there. Her boy was a year or two older than mine.

“Is your son OK?”

“Yes”, I replied, and told her it was just a pea up his nose.

She laughed and said “Oh great! We have some oreo up his!”

Fabulous I was thinking and hoped this wasn’t going to be an ongoing event for years to come. As our emergencies were far from emergencies we waited a few hours.

Becoming tired, I wondered if we could go home and come back tomorrow as bub was almost asleep, but the Dr came in and attended to oreo boy. I thought we would be seen soon so stuck around. I also wanted to hear or watch to see what was going to be happening as my son was going to be next!

The Magic Trick

The Dr. examined him and he screamed, he got tweezers out and he screamed, attempted a few things, screaming. At this stage I was again re thinking about going home but then he said to his mum,

“Try this, cover and block his opposite nostril and give a forceful quick blow through his mouth”. Sadly it didn’t work with him, and his oreo needed more work.

I quickly grabbed the attention of a near nurse and asked “can I try that, will that work for us if I blow in his mouth”?

“Yes”, she said. WELL THANK YOU! Wish I had known this about 6 hours ago…… anyway, at first I was over thinking it; can I blow too hard and burst his lungs? Is this going to hurt him? How much air do I blow? How quick and forceful do I blow?

I didn’t want to be there any longer and didn’t want my son to be screaming like poor upset oreo boy so my questions and doubts were quickly pushed aside.

In about 3 seconds prep, the pea went flying out and across the floor!

See ya later pea, see ya later hospital, we were out of there before even seeing a Dr. I would have loved to have known this great tip prior to the experience or even been told at an earlier stage in the night. It was an interesting experience and I am happy to now be prepared for next time!

There are some great videos going around Facebook about how to do this.

There are also a heap on YouTube making me feel better that it is so common!


  1. Block the OPPOSITE nostril that the object is in
  2. Open the child’s mouth
  3. With a little, quick but firm breath, blow into their mouth
  4. The object should zoom straight out and across the room!

I don’t recommend sticking anything up a nose which can make the object lodge further and or do damage.

I recommend calling or seeing a Dr. and seeking their advise on how best to handle your situation.

Happy Parenting!