Who’s gettin’ fit in 2020?


Meeeeee! It’s very common to hear the New Year Resolutions “I’m going to lose weight this year”….. I’ve said it before! Did I lose weight? Yes. Did I repeat the same methods and routine and pack that Christmas cheer back on, only to need to lose it… again? YEP!

Cellulite, saggy tits and still look 6 months pregnant!

Sure I have a pear bum, muffin top, doughnut belly, chicken wing arms, (OMG, I sound delicious, mmmmm getting hungry!) cellulite, saggy tits and still look 6 months pregnant BUT I am OK with that. I have never cared about what I looked liked and rarely do I look in the mirror. Those that know me well will certainly agree! I actually had a friend many years, just about to head to the local club she fluffed up my hair and said…

“Kat, you could look so pretty if you would let me give you a full make over”.

HAHA. I’m fine with the way I dress, look, don’t style my hair and are make up free, but thanks Peta! LOL. What I am NOT OK with, and I will not accept, is ‘feeling’ unhealthy and not being the best version of me. When I am feeling the best, I can be the best mumma – and that’s my life!

“trying” to do a bit of yoga while the little ones run around and under my legs!

Being an ex dancer (of course I still dance around the house) and fairly fit my whole life, I NEVER had to ‘exercise’ to keep fit and feel amazing, I was a teacher and performed everyday! These days, HA, lots to do, especially being the heaviest I have ever been, I can no longer sit on my arse eating chocolate, smashing beers, watching healthy people work out, just wishing to wake up fit again and not do anything about it.

Albert Einstein said (I think) the definition of insanity is “doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”. Something has to change! I believe I would have always struggled with this, until I changed my state of mind, and begin to look at weight loss and becoming fit in a different way. I have to recreate and rewire my beliefs (I know I can and are worthy of good health), standards (bloody laziness) and routine (gotta work around those kiddies).

Dress for the occasion

Starting with my clothing, there needs some serious changes there, HA! I’m a trackies and jumper kinda gal! It’s what I live in almost 24/7. I’m certainly not normally the type of person to prance around in leggings, short shorts or a sports bra but I have come to the realisation that I need to make these changes. Now to get into the groove of things and shift into this ‘fitness fanatic lover’, I pop on some sports gear! It not only motivates me, but honestly puts a spring in my step and I’m ready to move! Gotta feel the part!

wearing my joggers and short shorts – even have washed hair!!!

Get a routine

At 12 pm each day, I have an alarm on my phone that alerts me “GET FIT!!!!! LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!” At that moment I get dressed into my sports wear and joggers and head outside with my mat, towel, weights and most importantly for me, music. If I do 10 mins or 1 hr and 10 mins, I am happy. As long as I am doing something different to what I was doing….. nothing!

Shorts and Sports bra combo $55

Accountability buddy

Everything seems much more motivational if you have a partner in crime 😉 Plan to walk, do a class or prep 20 mins at the local park or a home to follow a YouTube video with a friend, anything tailored to your interest… just get moving or at least have a check in partner to track progress! JUST DO IT!

So that is a little more personally info (AND PHOTOS) I would normally like to share but the lovely Andrea has provided me this get up which I love and am thankful for that it has encouraged me back on the road to good health! I’ll update you all each month and see how I’m going! Are you joining me?

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